Why is the End of Lease Flea Fumigation Treatment Required?

When the lease has ended and you are leaving the house, there would be a condition that you will be needed to do the flea spray treatment, if you had kept the pets within that home. This is the end of lease flea fumigation Holt. There will be a need to include everything such as cleaning the carpet, cleaning the upholstery, deep cleaning of the home, and of course, flea sprays treatment too.

  1. Fleas can spread diseases if they have stayed back in the home

The reason why you need the flea spray, once you are leaving the space is for hygiene reasons. You might have got everything cleaned. But, if due to the pets, there are fleas then they can spread diseases. It is therefore important to do the flea treatment before you leave.

  1. Fleas can create health issues

Fleas can also spread parasites and hence they are unhealthy. They would create havoc in the home as there would be health issues with the family members and also for kids. Thus, when you are leaving the home, you must clean your home and also do flea treatment.

  1. Fleas would create infestation on bed and mattress

If you have not done the fleas treatment then they will infest on the bed and the mattress. If there are still fleas remaining then the new tenant who comes to stay there will have to face this problem. You must get in touch with the pest control company and get an end of lease flea fumigation.

  1. Fleas can create respiratory issues

If there are fleas then they can create respiratory issues for those who come and stay there. It is therefore vital that there should be the end of lease flea fumigation. This will help in getting the best solution. Fleas should be removed as soon as possible. This is because they would multiply over some time and would create hygiene conditions for a while. 

  1. Fleas can create problems for other pets

If the next tenant comes with a pet then the fleas which already are there in that home would negatively affect the new pets as well. It is therefore vital that you find the right solution. Choose a reliable pest control company and ask about the prices and charges.


When the tenant leaves the home, he should have the basic idea that cleaning the home is an important task. There must be perfect cleaning to be done and this would also include cleaning the mattresses and also doing a flea spray. End-of-lease fumigation can help in getting the best solutions. The tenant who leaves the home must get the right cleaning and pest control done.